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Friday, August 26, 2005

There's rumours, and then there's this bunk

The latest rumour making its rounds out west centres around three unlikely dancing partners (Vancouver, Florida, New Jersey). Basically, the rumour is a three way trade. Normally I wouldn't even comment on such absurdity, but since I'm bored:
- Florida would end up with Ed Jovanovski and Dan Cloutier (or possibly Bertuzzi), Jamie Langenbrunner, and Jeff Friesen;

- Vancouver would end up with Roberto Luongo and Sergei Brylin;

- NJ would end up with a three high draft picks
I says, pardon?!?

Just so we're clear:

Dave Nonis gives up all-star defenseman Ed Jovanovski, presumably because he feels confident enough in his team to slide Sven Butenschon and Nolan Baumgartner into prime-time defensive positions, and go with five defensemen overall instead of six. Either that or he wants to see how good Luongo really is behind a defense that would have more holes than a cheese grater.

Nonis dumps Cloutier - which I'm actually ok with - and takes on a superb talent, but possible future salary cap nightmare in Luongo, who has already publically stated that his arbitration award of $3.2 million this season is about $265 billion below what he feels he's worth.

And nevermind the abundance of forwards the Canucks have, Nonis takes on Sergei Brylin just because he wants to show ex-Canuck GM Brian Burke that he too can have a guy on his team with the first name Sergei.

New Jersey is in a bit of salary cap trouble, but I don't see them parting ways with Brylin, Friesen and Langenbrunner to land draft picks. With Elias likely gone for a lengthy time, I find it hard to believe that Lamoriello ditches three decent offensive weapons and crosses his fingers that Mogilny turns back into a 76 goal scorer. Who's going to pick up the slack?

And Florida winds up snagging a top flight defenseman in Jovanovski, two solid forwards in Langebrunner and Friesen, and netminder Cloutier. Despite the major downgrade in goal, this is the only team that I can see this trade making sense for.

Mike Keenan may have already decided that Luongo requires an attitude adjustment and will either be whipped, shackled and publically berated or moved to another team - or all of the above. If that's the case, and the decision has been reached to cut him loose because it will be mutually beneficial, then I could see this deal from their perspective. However, I could be wrong about Keenan and Luongo, because Keenan has never been known to hold a grudge...... *cough*

What this rumour adds up to is nothing more than a serious amount of bogus. But I'm sure everyone already knows that. So why am I commenting on it? I dunno. Forgive me, I'm just bored.

One thing is for certain - if Brian Noonan or Stephane Matteau were still available, Keenan would likely trade for them.


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