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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Free Agent Signings Galore

Many free agents signed on the dotted line today, and I'll weigh in on some of the higher profile ones.

Pavol Demitra - Los Angeles Kings; Three-years, $13.5-million. A great pickup for LA, and at a reasonable price for a proven scorer. I was crossing my fingers that Nonis may accept the fact that Nalsund is history and open up the bank. Who was I kidding?

Tony Amonte - Calgary Flames; Two-years, $3.7-million. Fairly good move by Calgary. He'll likely see much more ice time here than in Philly, and for less than $2 million/season, he's affordable.

Darren McCarty - Calgary Flames; Two-years, $1.6 million. I like his tough game. The ultimate grinder and a great depth move by Calgary. Overall, the Flames did quite well today.

Bobby Holik - Atlanta Thrashers; Three-years, $4.25M in first year (remaining contract not disclosed). I like this addition to the Thrashers club. A dangerous offensive forward corps has just been solidified with a great two way player. From Holik's point of view, he's got to be on cloud nine. He just got bought out for multi-millions by the Rangers, and he's banked multi-millions today. Not a bad life, eh Bobby?

Derian Hatcher - Philadelphia Flyers; Four-years, $14.5 million. He's a big guy, but agility isn't his strong point. And with the new rules, he may quickly become an overpaid boat anchor.

Mike Rathje - Philadelphia Flyers; Five-years, $17.5 million. Overall, I like him better than Hatcher. But five years? We'll see.

Marek Malik - New York Rangers. I wasn't going to say anything about this, as it would probably have flown under the radar for most fans. However, the reported salary is $2.5 million/season. If that turns out to be true, then it reaffirms my suspicions that the stupidity of Glen Sather knows no bounds.


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