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Monday, August 15, 2005

Bertuzzi speaks publically...

''I've had a lot of sleepless nights trying to think of things...But you know what, it happened. I can't go back and change what happened. The only thing I can do is come back even stronger, a better person off the ice and a better person on the ice.'
The words of Todd Bertuzzi at an afternoon press conference today. I've never really weighed in on the whole ugly incident, and I won't bother to at this point. What I will say is that hopefully Steve Moore makes a full recovery and the entire thing can become a distant memory.

As far as Bertuzzi's continuing career goes, it's still unclear as to which Todd Bertuzzi will hit the ice in the fall. Will he continue to be the raging monster and a dominant presence in front of the net, or will he turn into a mediocre perimiter player? During the 03/04 season, and before the 'incident', Bertuzzi's on-ice performances had suffered somewhat of a setback. At least statistically.

What does Bertuzzi himself have to say about his comeback?
"I'm coming back who I was. I'm not going to change. I've become successful doing what I do best, playing hard every night with a chip on my shoulder. I heard a lot of stuff about people thinking I'm going to come back soft. That's not who I am."
It seems as though he has the right attitude, but we'll see if he really does come back the same player. It will be a rough ride as all eyes will be on him and his moves will be under severe scrutiny. I'm skeptical myself, but one thing is certain - for the Canucks to be successful, Bertuzzi will have to re-emerge as one of the premier power forwards in the game.


  • At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Todd Bertuzzi and Lee Harvey Oswald (I am old enough to remember both) will be forever linked. Both took a cowards way out. Both denied they did anything wrong and both claim to be patsies. Bertuzzi thought about revenge, searched out his victim and when the smarter man (who had already fought twice that night) wisely skated away Bertuzzi shot him in the back. Like a brute who has served 2 other NHL suspensions for being a battery or two short of a full charge, the attack was cheap and cowardly. Then, true to form, the fans and the media and some very scared NHL players dumped the blame on the victim and shamed him into hiding.

    It will always ring a little hollow with me. The Olympic team was in Whistler hours away from media friendly exhibition game and they had less than 1/3 of a house (at $20.00 a ticket) sold. That afternoon a breathless and smiling Betman reinstates Bertuzzi and Wayne is there to catch a fallen star and place him on the Olympic team. Then quicker than you can say 'spinal cord injury' the house in Whistler is full, there is an apology statement on the Canuck website and Bertuzzi memorabilia is flying off the shelves. Not Bert no bucks. No Moore? Nobody but his mother cares.

    Hockey's eye has been blackened before, but never by it's own commissioner, a star player and by the greatest on of them all. I know come October 5th this will all be forgotten and Steve Moore will slip into history, but Bertuzzi will snap again and one can only hope his victim is as fortunate as Steve Moore and is able to one day stand up and walk again.

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