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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pronger Qualified & Other Random Musings

For some reason, the folks at TSN were partially surprised that Chris Pronger was qualified by the Blues today. Honestly, what else where they going to do? Let him walk with zero compensation? That would be hard to stomach and I think that buying out Weight would be a more attractive option than saying goodbye to one of the league's premier defenceman.

The problem is that if Pronger does accept it - and why wouldn't he, given the fact that the qualifying offer was pretty much at the max salary for this season - then what do the Blues do? As I said above, buying out Weight may be the lesser of two evils (time's running out there). After all, it may be extremely difficult to trade players with $5 million+ salaries. It also means that Demitra is gonzo, not that that wasn't a foregone conclusion already.

I like the new economic landscape so far. It makes GM's actually put some thought into building a competitive roster instead of simply tossing out money as if they were condoms at a sex convention.

Take for example, as Bob McKenzie so deftly points out, the Philadelphia Flyers. They have cut ample salary and locked-up two higly-touted young prospects; and they have done so while being forced to be fiscally responsible. Not that giving the axe to LeClair's outrageous salary was a tough decision.

And I'm sure that teams like the Flyers, Rangers and Maple Leafs et al would still love to loosen the purse strings and do it the old fashioned way, but not this time fellas.

Time will be the true test for the new NHL landscape, but five days in, and well before the loopholes have surfaced, I like it.


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