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Thursday, July 28, 2005

One down....

Everyone knows that Bob Goodenow stepped down today as the executive director of the NHLPA. And while I shed no tears for him, I don't really think that his demise was his fault. From the very start, he warned the players that in order to get what they wanted, it would likely be a two year battle - and that meant no juicy paychecks. It's not his fault that the players missed the good life too much.

The only mistake that I can say that he made during the labour dispute was the 24% rollback. It was an ingenious idea at the time and in the context of the NHLPA's December 2004 offer. But his mistake lie in the fact that he did not make it abundantly clear that the 24% rollback on salaries was a one time, take it or leave it offer.

Other than that, Goodenow played his game the way he said he was going to. It was the players who blinked.

But now that he's gone, please tell me that there is hope of removing Gary Bettman.


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