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Thursday, February 24, 2005

We've gone a full day without NHL news

Congratulations are in order to the media masses who have finally avoided one full day of NHL coverage. Sure, it makes the blogging content a little thin, and my blogging stock may fall at a faster pace than a jackrabbit on a date.

But in my case, the rest and relaxation for the fingers is worth it.

So what do we hockey bloggers do now? Well, we could all broaden our horizons, expand our content, and quit our jobs, like this guy, to take up blogging full time.

The range of topics on Jason Kottke's blog are quite broad, as he hosts stories ranging from galaxies composed entirely of dark matter (aka Jessica Simpson), to phallic cookery. That's right. Cooking of the phallus, better known in culinary circles as Weinerschnitzel Flambe.

As for me, I'm too busy with life in general to become a professional blogger. I'm more committed to working on my new creation - yet another television series, but this time with a Canadian element - CSI: Red Deer. We all know that three CSI series' just won't do, and hey, Canadians will dig it, eh.

There once was a man from Nantucket....

Or how about making the Matrix trilogy into a quartet? I think they owe it to the fans to take a mulligan on The Matrix: Revolutions (what a brutal end to such a brilliant concept) and come out with the fourth installment - The Matrix: Reimbursement.

If that fails, I can always go back to writing the great novel of the 21st century. The premise behind that is basically two men walk into a bar....after that I get stumped, but I'm sure there are options up the wazoo.

If you're ever bored, try to figure out what people ship styrofoam in....

Now that hockey has been officially cancelled twice (only once ceremoniously), maybe I can grow my readership by blogging about the most dedicated athletes of the winter - curlers. Man, if these guys (and gals) aren't sveldt, I don't know who is. And talk about edge of your seat action. I don't know about anyone else, but there's nothing I find more exciting than a pair of curlers sweeping the ice like they're scrubbing an inpenetrable stain on the kitchen floor.

Anyways, instead of counting the number of days in the NHL lockout, I'm going to count the number of days until the start of the next NHL season. Today is day 1. Sigh.


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