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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Talks end, bleakness continues

Perpetual optimist Bill Daly came out and said that he has little hope left for a last minute compromise. From TSN
"It's disappointing," Daly said. "We are absolutely disappointed with where we are (today)...I hoped at the end of the day that reason would prevail, that we would find some common ground... but that hasn't happened."

Daly said the the four trigger points that were part of a new proposal put forth by the NHL on Wednesday were not even discussed on Thursday. In addition, Daly said no new ground was covered, either.

The league says no new talks are scheduled and none are expected. Yesterday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said they must be well on their way to writing up a new CBA on the weekend or the season would be cancelled, and Daly said the league remains committed to the deadline.

"Nothing today transpired to change that timetable," he said. "We made every effort to get something done eith the players association ... We don't have anything left at this point."
Well, what did you expect Bill? Your latest proposal was a weak attempt to compromise. The triggers were an utter joke. Why not come back to the NHLPA and offer a $3 luxury tax on every dollar spent over a $42 million threshold. Now that's compromise, unlike dressing up your salary cap proposal in the NHLPA's clothing and making a disingenuous attempt to pass it off as a compromise.


And while I'm on it, if you're so adamant about a cap Mr. Bettman, how about instituting a ticket price cap? Or how about a cap on verbal garbage spewing? At the very least, limit the amount of excrement that is allowed to pass through the mouths of NHL representatives and stop trying to convince everyone that you are desperately attempting to reach an agreement.

NHL, you owe the fans big time, and they will remember it.


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