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Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl produces a dynasty

Congratulations to the New England franchise, they've earned the right to be crowned as the first NFL dynasty of the 21st century - and the most dominant playoff team in nearly a decade.

The Patriots beat the Eagles by 3 points, to win their 3rd championship, which coincidentally, is the margin of victory in every one of their 3 Super Bowl triumphs. They join the Dallas Cowboys (1993-1996) as the only other team to win 3 Super Bowl titles in 4 years, and to that, I humbly tip my hat to them. Tom Brady, undeafeated quarterback of the Pats (playoffs), is also humble in victory:
"We've never really self-proclaimed ourselves anything," said Tom Brady, who is 9-0 in the playoffs. "If you guys say we're great, we'll accept the compliment."
It looked early on that this may be the Eagle's day, and the crowd of 78,125 was clearly more excited about the prospect of Philadelphia bringing home their first pro sports title in 22 years than they were about the chance to see history made. But in the end, New England was too strong, too confident, too experienced to be defeated on their date with destiny.

Donovan McNabb, 5-time pro-bowler, did not have a great game overall. He did complete 30-of-51 passes for a total of 357 yards with three touchdowns, but was inconsistent, threw two key interceptions at critical times, and had zero yards rushing.
"This game could've been a blowout," McNabb said. "You take away those interceptions and we could've been up two touchdowns early....I don't look at the three touchdowns [the Eagles scored]. I look at the three interceptions. Those will kill you."
While the Eagles were shaky at times, they did put up a valiant fight, and gave many, including myself, hope that they could pull it off.

But the Patriots were simply too steady, as they always are, and you had the feeling that once they took the lead, the game was theirs. Their defense smothered the Eagles running game, and the rest, as we say, is now history.

So, can the Pats reload and do it again next year? Time will tell, and they likely don't care at this point. They are too busy celebrating their victory. And rightfully so. They deserve to savour every piece of it.

Oh, and for those that were keeping track, Paul McCartney did not expose any part of himself during his half-time show.


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