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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Steve Moore Files Civil Suit

The Denver Post and The Team1040 radio in Vancouver are now reporting that former Avalanche player Steve Moore has filed a civil suit in Colorado today. Named as defendants in the suit are Todd Bertuzzi, Brian Burke, Brad May, Marc Crawford and the Vancouver Canucks.

Interesting that this was filed in Colorado. More to follow.


  • At 4:50 PM, Anonymous David said…

    Whew, almost thought we'd have no bad publicity for hockey for a while. Glad to know that won't be changing any time soon.

  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Sea Otter said…

    This suit is a bit of a reach for Moore. There is no guarantee that he is going to be able to make the State of Colorado's "long arm" provision stick in this case. Of course, had he sued in Canada, he would get a more reasonable settlement, as opposed to the big fat payday he'll get down south.

    I know Bertuzzi was a complete bonehead in all of this, but I can't quite escape the feeling that Steve Moore is as much psychologically damaged as he is physically hurt. Let's keep in mind that all of his fractures have long since healed. He is now claiming that vague, tough-to-define "soft tissue injury" -- headaches, depression, etc. These are the classic symptoms that those in auto accidents often claim when they are looking for a payday from the insurance company...


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