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Friday, February 04, 2005

Roenick in favour of a vote

Jeremy Roenick, always flamboyant and talkative, opened up to ESPN on Thursday. Among the topics in the interview was the idea that some players may accept a salary cap - if there's something in it for the players.
"I really feel that maybe we can survive with a cap," he told ESPN. "Maybe we can survive with a cap - one that's not at a ridiculous level such as what's being offered. I really feel that maybe if there was a bone thrown to us, one that was acceptable, one that the players could gnaw on a little bit, it (a cap) might be feasible....But we haven't even got that. We haven't even got anything close to something acceptable. I think a lot of players might want to play for a cap, but not for the cap that they're offering. That bone hasn't been thrown."
That's a rather bold statement considering that the NHLPA and its leadership has continually scoffed at the notion. But in the end, Roenick also believes that a vote by the players should decide the next CBA.
"My personal opinion, I'm in favour of a vote," Roenick said. "I'm in favour of the players determining what they will do themselves. At some point, I do not want someone else making that decision for me. When I see where the game is going and I see the damage that's being done and what we could probably live with - I would like to have a vote, and I have expressed my opinions to the PA, and I've expressed my opinion to other people in the league."

"If that bone was thrown to us by the NHL, by the owners ... it should be up to the players and it should be taken to a vote. If that was the case, I think you might be seeing hockey by now."
Interesting. By the end of Friday, we should all know the fate of the NHL for this season - and possibly for the long term.


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