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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No hockey, no problem....

So what if there's no NHL hockey. There's plenty to do. This guy, who I'm sure is an avid hockey fan, is apparently biding his time by waiting in line for 5 months for the latest installment of the Star Wars series.

Sticking in the movie mode, apparently Bruce Willis feels compelled to don his trademark tank top yet again for the fourth instalment of the Die Hard franchise. Yippie Ki-yay Mother-@*%@#!

Or, if your interests lie more in the real world, you could follow the strange story of this prize-winning track athlete, who apparently competed in track events as a woman. For those keeping score, he's a man.

Switching to the ESPN page, Dan Shanoff shares his views on the ten most disrespected entities in sports today.

But the grand-daddy of them all, the activity with the most fun and least amount of intelligence required is this. You can thank me later.


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