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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

NHL must bridge gap

In my opinion, the NHL must bridge the remaining gap and get a deal together. The NHLPA has basically cracked on the cap issue, and now the onus is on the league to get the deal done. The NHLPA proposal is reported to be:
A cap of $52 million but with provisions for teams to spend as much as 10 per cent more than that on three occasions in a six-year period, with a luxury tax incorporated. The luxury tax rates would be 25 per cent on $40-44 million; 50 per cent on $44-48 million; 75 per cent on $48-52 million and 150 per cent on $52-$57.2 million. And the 24% rollback is incorporated in the latest union proposal.
Now, I'm not saying that the owners should jump all over this as it stands, but for everyone's sake, negotiate off of it and do something that will work. This proposal is very workable from the NHL perspective, and it shows that the players have finally agreed to work under a salary cap.

My hope is that the NHL will stop trying to hit a grand slam. They've already won - the players have offered up a salary cap, with a luxury tax in there to boot. Now go and negotiate the numbers and get it done, Mr. Bettman.

If no deal comes from the NHLPA's letest effort, I will fault the NHL, because there is a very workable deal in there.


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