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Monday, February 14, 2005

Naslund frustrated, broken record still playing

Yet another NHL player has come out and slammed Gary Bettman. This time, it was Markus Naslund, the soft-spoken Swede who captains the Vancouver Canucks. For those who know Naslund, they know that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and his comments about Bettman, while derogatory in nature, are about as cordial as insults can get.
"I do not like to slam anyone, but obviously Gary (Bettman) has not done a good job during this period. It's sad to see, because this sport has the ability to be exciting if you can promote it the right way."
Don't disagree there. However,
"I really thought something would come about after the first proposal, but the league is set on a hard cap, and it is unfortunate of them to think time will help the cause ... we're not budging."
Well Markus, the NHL does know that more time will not help the cause. They are more than well aware of that fact. Do you seriously think that the NHL is just sitting there, twiddling their thumbs at the foot of the coffee table waiting for their rotary phone to start ringing? They know exactly what they're doing.

It seems as though Bettman's entire plan has been to get to this point. Anyone remember his interview with Ron McLean of Hockey Night in Canada last year? The question was put forth to Bettman as to why negotiations were not yet underway (keep in mind that this was midway through last season). Bettman basically inferred that things are going exactly as planned and there's no need to worry.

Well, his plans now seem completely clear. This has been the NHL's plan all along.

Naslund goes on to say:

"It is a shame a big operation like the NHL cannot trust each other [regarding no revenue sharing], and they think a partnership should start with a cap, which is not acceptable."

It may not be acceptable to the players, and it may not be fair, but it's what the owners want and it may be what ultimately ends up as the NHL system. Here's Tom Hicks, owner of the Dallas Stars:
"The players have turned down the best offer they're ever going to get. I can say that with certainty," Hicks told the Dallas Morning News, adding that the NHLPA wasn't "serious about entertaining the system we need to go forward."
And the NHLPA sees the eventual cracks in NHL solidarity?

Brendan Shanahan spoke up yesterday as well and speculated that the league could be out for three seasons. But I find it ridiculous that players like Shanahan are willing to give up possibly the next 3 years in order to get a better deal. In Shanahan's case, is it worth it to give up $24 million dollars just to get a "better" deal??

Gimme a break.

And I'm sick of the NHLPA placing all of the blame at the feet of Gary Bettman. He is not the reason for this dispute - he is doing what the owners tell him to do. This is not his personal crusade, he's working under the league mandate and he's doing his job.

Bob Goodenow has done just as little in this fight, and lies every bit as culpable as Bettman has been painted to be. The NHLPA has constantly harped that their constant rejections of the league proposals is not sinking in with the NHL and they fail to move off their stance. Well, I could also say that the NHL has rejected the December 9th proposal by the union, but the NHLPA fails to move forward as well.

I see no difference between the league's insistence on a cap and the NHLPA's refusal of one and it's abundantly clear that there will not be a deal mutually agreed upon by Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman.

Both sides are being idiotic and I'm now at the point where I hope that this blows up in all of their faces.

Blow up the damn league, I'm ready. Just hit the nuke button right now. Turn the blender onto Frappe and toss in a banana, some yogurt and the NHL.


  • At 8:42 PM, Blogger James Mirtle said…

    Why'd you have to ruin a good shake by throwing the NHL in there?

    Mmmmm yogurt. All of this talk about yogurt and Yoda has me thinking about this guy. Use the (Marek) Schwarz!


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