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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Melnyk offers to open up the Senator's books

Eugene Melnyk has offered to open up the financial records of his team, the Ottawa Senators, to the NHLPA.
"If I was allowed [by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman], I would be happy to open my books to every single Ottawa Senator, and bring along your best friend who might be an accountant," Melnyk said. "It would probably take them less than an hour to see where Ottawa stands."
And, finally, Ted Saskin has accepted.
"I want to see the books for the team and for the [Corel Centre], because he owns them both, and I know where he put some of those revenues," Saskin said. "If he wants to open them both, we would be happy to have that discussion."
Great on it's face. What they should do, is have both parties present but agree on an independant agency to actually conduct the procedure (whatever that may entail). That way, neither side can put their spin on what comes out of it.