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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Emotion takes over

Everyone's had a day to ponder, and reaction to the cancellation of the season brings mixed feelings. Some are downright outraged and want both Bettman and Goodenow's head on a platter, others don't seem to care as much as they thought they would.

Me? I'm managing to get by. There's still WHL hockey in town, plenty of NBA coverage, and simply put, I'm used to the lack of NHL games. Quite frankly, I have better things to do than pay to watch a bunch of spoiled brat millionaires frolic around on an ice-surface owned by spoiled brat billionaires.

One thing I'm grateful for is the end is finally here. No more analysis by ex-hockey players and GM's, no more crying from the union heads, and no more empty apologies from the NHL.

I'm glad it's over because we won't have to listen to players call the NHL commissioner a moron, when they themselves could use some more grey matter upstairs.

I'm glad it's over because we don't have to read about how this is all the NHLPA's fault, or the NHL's fault, or Donald Duck for somehow getting a team named after him.

I'm glad it's done because we won't have to hear about how un-trustworthy the owners are, and how they are experts at doctoring the books. We won't have to hear about the greedy players and their mission to claim as much money as they can.

I'm glad it's all over because now we don't have to watch a group of wealthy men bitch and moan with another group of wealthy men over one thing - money.

But most of all, I'm glad it's over because each side is getting exactly what they deserve - absolutely $0 from us, the fans. And for all I care, they can both stay out for ten more years and earn an equal amount of nothing. Screw em all, because they screwed us.


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