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Friday, February 18, 2005

Election night is here...again

Last monday night felt curiously like election night with the day-long lockout analysis by the usual sports networks such as TSN, Sportsnet and The Score. There were numerous rumblings of progressive talks that night, and almost everyone suggested that a last minute deal was imminent. It was widely speculated that the exchange of proposals would continue on all night.

Well, we all now that didn't happen on Monday. But the rumors bounding about the distaste and disention amongst the NHLPA have culminated into more than simple and dismissive rumor. Several sources are reporting of a meeting in New York tomorrow. Some have even gone further and speculated that a deal may be done as quickly as tonight.

So maybe, there will be some juicy fodder for the blogging masses to sink their teeth into tonight or tomorrow.

What I find interesting is that Both Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux have accepted invitations to these meetings. I ask my fellow NHL die-hards, what purpose does that really serve?

Both of these guys will be in unequivocally awkward positions - especially Lemieux. And what would they really bring to the table anyways? Both are obviouslyon the NHL side of the ledger now, and more than likely do not share the NHLPA's rationale of the labour solution.

Is it perhaps because they would be able to relate to the players on a much more productive and understanding level than anyone from the owner's side could manage? Are they there to provide the dire and disputed financial numbers to the players in a manner that will stimulate better reception from the NHLPA?

Maybe they are there to talk some fiscal sense into the agitated players because they will inspire a much higher level of trust from the union's perspective.

But other than that, I fail to grasp what the purpose of their presence will be? Maybe it will just be one long retrospective session on the glory days of hockey. Maybe they are there to simply sign autographs.

All I know is that during this revival of negotiating, the Klingon interpreter best be left on the Bird of Prey.


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