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Monday, February 21, 2005

Bettman: "We were set up!"

Allrighty then. For those of us who thought that hockey blogs may suffer a slow demise, we will have to think again. With fodder such as this, we could go on forever.

Just when it was thought that lockout stories were on the verge of simmering down, Gary Bettman has accused the NHLPA of plotting against the NHL.
"I think this was a set up," Bettman told Mike Francesa. "I think this was done intentionally to try and cause the type of reaction we saw all weekend. I think they were trying to position us into an offer they knew I couldn't accept - either because they wanted me to make a mistake that I couldn't get through my board (of directors), or so we would ultimately agree to something we couldn't afford."

"What happened with our fans, in raising the level of expectation... I was sick to my stomach. It was more trying than what I had to do on Wednesday...And after Saturday, when everybody realized that they had been had, then they had a field day in the media, killing us on Sunday."
Right on Gary. You go girl...I mean dude. You can accuse the NHLPA of bargaining in less than good faith because the NHL itself would NEVER stoop to that level would you, Gary?

Nooooooooooooooooo. Last Wednesday's "official" cancellation was not a negotiating ploy in the least.

The one thing that I will say about last Saturday's "meetings", is that the NHLPA are such hypocrites. Linkage was taken off the table by the NHL last week, yet the players complained openly that the cap level proposed by the NHL would not rise as revenues did. They did not like the fact that the $42.5 million cap would remain at that threshold for the entire length of the agreement.

Well, I ask, what if revenues go down and continue to decline? What then? Should the cap level slowly lower itself along with sinking revenues? Of course not in the players' minds! The players have already expressed their distaste with downward linkage. However, upwards is obviously not only ok with them, it is expected. So really, linkage is fine as long as it goes their way. Good grief, you can't have it both ways. Stuff that crap back in your shorts NHLPA.


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