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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bettman talks.....

I engage this press conference with haughty contempt. I'm listening to Bettman talk, expecting nothing new to be said, yet at the same time, hoping that he somehow manages to spring from a large cake with a tutu on announcing that a deal has been reached.

From my point of view, the hilites from the press conference:

- A new deal was proposed that may have shown some signs of compromise. TSN and other sources have reported that the latest offer was based upon the NHLPA's December 9th proposal, which would switch to the Owner's latest proposal should the players' solution not work. Apparently there were four triggers included for the switch to take place. However, it was immediately rejected by the NHLPA.

- Bettman indicated that one owner may have thought that this latest offer was giving up too much.

More talks are in the works, perhaps as early as tonight. The one thing that Bettman did not do, was set an absolute cancellation date for the season. I will update as more details filter in. More is certain to come.


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