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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Weekly Burke update

Brian Burke made his weekly sportstalk appearance on thursday night. The conversation produced little in the way of new information, but Burke is always articulate and informed on the issues which makes it anything but dull to listen to. Some highlights from the segment:
"I dont care who's ball the court is in. I think the first side that steps up now will score massive PR points in the eyes of the public. I think the side that grabs the ball here will be seen as the ones who care about the industry and want to get something solved. I think the players feel ther last offer was a massive concession, and it's up to the league to make an offer. I know for a fact, the league is not contemplating making an offer right now."

Nothing new here, but the only people who don't seem to get it are the only ones who can actually do anything about it.
"Somehow there has to be a link between the salaries and the revenues. That exists in almost every industry. The players I speak with usually respond with 'Why on Earth do the owners expect us to solve this problem ourselves when the big market teams wont help the small market teams?'...."I think the owners should do it (revenue sharing) and I would challenge them to do that."

The players do have a solid point here. Revenue sharing is imperative, the owners have to help dig themselves out of this hole, a point upon which Burke agrees and goes out of his way to emphasize. Burke has always been a stalwart advocate of revenue sharing and that isn't about to change now.

Although nothing new really came out of the discussion, one cannot deny that although Burke may not always be correct in his assertions, he articulates his opinion very well and provides great insight into the issues of the NHL.


  • At 11:33 AM, Blogger James Mirtle said…

    "I dont care who's ball the court is in."

    Yes... articulate... hmmmmm, I've yet too see a court in a ball.


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