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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Owens may try to play

Terrell Owens may try to play in the Super Bowl, against his doctor's wishes.

Philadelphia Eagles head trainer Rick Burkholder has this to say:

"We understand Dr. Myerson's point of view. It's just that our risk-reward is different than his risk-reward," Burkholder said. "He has great risk in clearing Terrell to play and no reward. We think there's some risk and we think there's great reward, so right now we're going to progress with his rehab."
I'd love to see Ownes suit up, but many questions have surfaced in my mind. For one thing, if the doctor does not clear him to play, what are the legal implications in regards to insurance for the Eagles? What I mean is, if he does in fact play and manages to completely wreck his ankle in the process to the point where his career lies in doubt, do the Eagles receive compensation for this or are they on their own? I don't know the answer to this question - or if it even applies - so if anyone has some insight, please let me know.

Also, how effective will he really be upon returning at less than 100% and will this have negative implications on the team should he be unable to perform? For example, if he does play and the Eagles attack has him as the central focus, he may lack the ability to make key plays which could hurt the team, no?

I know that the coaching staff will likely be prepared for any such scenario, but these questions still nag quietly in the back of my mind. Anyways, here's to a good, hard fought game. Go Eagles!


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