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Thursday, January 06, 2005

NHL nixes Januray meeting

The scheduled meeting of the NHL board of governors was cancelled today. Wow, I'm supremely shocked.....not.

"After canvassing each of the 30 clubs, and in light of the lack of developments or a new offer from the union, the clubs were unanimously of the view that there is no need for a meeting at this point in time," Bill Daly told The Canadian Press today.

Rack this one up in the "Oh God, who cares" category. I don't know about most of you, but my eyes are sore from constantly rolling them every time a spokesman from either side of the NHL labour dispute makes a public statement.

Here's Lou Lamoriello, the New Jersey Devils GM:

"It's obvious that the reason it's been cancelled is that there's just nothing for us to talk about," Lamoriello said. "There's just no reason to have a meeting."

Well no kidding!! If there is no point now, was there really a point to it back when it was initially scheduled? This meeting was obviously a ploy by the league to focus some pressure on the NHLPA.

Now that the attempt has had absolutely zero effect on the stance of the NHLPA, what can we expect now? Well, in a word, nothing. Expect the same nothing that we have been seeing. Expect the same nothing that we have all been predicting for the last several weeks. Expect both sides to stand proud atop their unwaivering perches for a long while yet.


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