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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Modano retracts

Mike Modano said earlier today that many players may have waivering unity and would want to get back to hockey should the lockout drag on into next season. However, later in the day, he back-tracked somewhat, saying that he was 'misquoted'.

In an interview with TSN, he says:
"I believe very much that what we're doing, we are unfied, very strong....I really didn't say that (his earlier comments as they appeared in print), it was twisted around....I really believe that once you get ahold of the print issue, it gets all tiwsted."

Interesting. I know that Al Strachan picks on the NHL when owners speak their minds. He berates the league because they fine owners for their negative comments. But I find it equally funny that when a player speaks out and casts an unfavourable light on the Players' Association, the statement is either immediately retracted or that player is deemed to need 'further education' by the NHLPA.


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