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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Meeting adjourned

Both sides in the NHL labour dispute met for several hours again today, and when it was all said and done, there wasn't really much new to report.
"We've had two good days of communication," Bill Daly, the NHL's executive vice-president and chief legal officer, told reporters. "But we still have very strong philosophical differences."

Daly said the two sides would talk again but did not say when. A source said the meetings would not resume Friday because of the death of the mother of Ted Saskin, senior director of the NHL Players' Association.

Asked what the two sides would talk about, given their polar position on a salary cap, Daly replied: "We just continue to work very hard at trying to satisfy both parties."

The two day-session, initiated by NHLPA president Trevor Linden, was described by Daly as "the best dynamic to date in this process."

"I give Trevor Linden a lot of credit for bringing us together again," Daly added.
Well, I think that if there were any genuine hope for a season, a deal, or at least a framework for a deal, would have had to have been in place by this weekend. In order to hammer out a CBA, host training camps, define a schedule, and tie up any lose ends, more than a few days are likely required. Given the late-January date of these meetings, there's too little time left unless something is agreed upon immediately.

I find it remarkably hilarious that the most progress that we have seen comes despite - or because of - the absense of Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman. Even though there may be philisophical deiffernces remaining, at least some bona fide conversations are in place. That, more than anything, is reason for hope.


  • At 4:23 PM, Blogger Sea Otter said…

    I had some optimism, but it faded a bit today when Daly talked about "philosophical differences". This means that the 'PA still won't accept a cap, which means no season. Who knows -- maybe a day or two off will give the 'PA a chance for sober reflection, but in the meantime the clock continues to tick.

    The ball is clearly in the 'PA's court -- either roll over on the cap, or face nuclear winter. Now that they heard yet again that the League isn't moving on the cap they will figure it out, but they have shown little rationality so far.

  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger Brett Mirtle said…

    Yea, I had some glimmer of hope this morning. But like you said, when the TSN headline read "Philosophical Differences", I knew it was all over.

    I was hopefull that maybe the reported 6 year deal could have worked, but the more I thought about it, the more I satrted to wonder if that was an attempt by the NHLPA to give the veterans one last chunk of the pie in the first three years? Sigh.


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