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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lewis to come back..oh wait, no he's not

Lennox Lewis, arguably one of the most accomplished heavyweight champions of all time, first implied on Sunday that he was about to return to the ring against current WBC champ Vitali Klitschko. However, later in the day, TSN has reported that this is not the case.
"I want to reiterate what I said when I retired in February 2004 that I was fortunate to leave the sport on my own terms and that I will be one of the few heavyweight champions in history to retire on top and stay retired," Lewis said.
I'm a Lennox Lewis fan, but whether he admits it or not, he probably did not deserve to be the victor in his last heavyweight bought, even though he may have been starting to rebound from a rather poor performance - by his standards - in the early going. I believe that if Lewis does return to the ring, it will be to vindicate himself from any doubt caused by his last bout as opposed to "listening to a lot of rubbish from Klitschko."

Hopefully, if he returns, he will take this fight seriously, as it seemd to me that he had a history of taking certain opponents lightly.


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