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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Is no news good news?

The representatives of the NHL and NHLPA are still in meetings in Toronto. As of 3:00pm Pacific Time, not one word has been squeaked out about the progress of said meeting. I know the lockout has been beaten to death, but one more little post with only a hint of anticipation won't hurt anyone, right?

Hopefully the silence is a positive sign and these hammerheads are finally starting to figure out that no one wins in a lenghty dispute such as this. It's been one hairy fit after another, posturing galore and general analysis overkill on the subject. So hopefully, after the meeting is over, the season is either cancelled or gets the green light. Either way, let us speak no more about it until next year.


The meeting has apparently concluded and each side had no comments for the media other than they have agreed to meet again this week. It may be notable that New Jersey Devils' owner Lou Lamorello was at the meeting at the request of the NHLPA.


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