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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The griping continues

Randy Sportak has a nice perspective on the NHL landscape in his latest column.
Let's recap. Both sides get together for what's supposed to be a private meeting in an unknown locale, yet announce it so all the media can find it.

Hopes are high because they seem civil to each other.

However, the "negotiations" take an ugly turn because neither side will capitulate and the players immediately stomp out, bluster a bunch of the same-old, same-old about it's for sure a lost season.

A couple of days later, after what is supposedly a cooling off period, it all happens again -- like shampooing your hair: Lather, rinse, repeat.
That's spot on. Get a deal done, or don't get it done. Either way, shut up and bother us when it's all over. Hopefully, for the sake of the NHL, people won't be too busy getting on with their lives when that finally happens.

And here's another amusing read by Robert Tychkowski. Of course the article is mostly tongue in cheek, but the message is clear - fans are getting dumped on and both sides in the dispute are, well, basically morons. Oh wait, that's my message.


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