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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Finally, something progressive..

OK, I promise that this isn't about the NHL lockout. It is, however, about the improvement of the game. You may have noticed that in the past, say 6-7 years, the game of hockey has regressed into something resembling soccer on ice with just a twist of chess thrown in for added marketability (tee hee). And after stagnating (or diminishing) attendance levels and regressive TV contracts, the NHL and those directly involved in the sport may have finally noticed that hey, the game kinda sucks.

Coming on the heels of the Brendan Shanahan summits on the game, the NHL and several coaches are going to meet to examine some possible rule changes that may benefit the on-ice product. It's rather alarming that the on-ice issues have been allowed to fall by the wayside and it took a player, namely Shanahan, to shine some light on the issues. It's about bloody time that the league took a long and meaningfull look into ways to improve the product and then, God forbid, maybe try to implement them!


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