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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

David Ling says sucker punch uncalled for

As I originally posted here, Edmonton Roadrunner's pugilist Rocky Thompson threw a cheap shot to the head of top flight player David Ling of the St. John's Maple Leafs in a game last night. Late in the third period, Thompson reacted to a completely clean hip-check by tossing a right hand into the head of an unsuspecting Ling.

Today, Thompson says that the punch was not like what Todd Bertuzzi did to Steve Moore last May. However, David Ling and Maple Leaf's head coach Doug Shedden, have a different opinion.

"I would be shocked if Thompson is not suspended," Shedden said Tuesday. "Really shocked."

"It's the same type of hit, from behind, where I couldn't see it coming," Ling said. "It's a dirty play. I respect tough guys, I respect fighters, but when someone does that you lose a lot of respect for a guy."

View the CP version of the story here.


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