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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Damien Cox

Damien Cox has a good read on a subject that we all know well. The season is obviously toast, but if they do manage to play 28 games starting in February, how tainted would the season really be? Well, Cox puts it this way:
Even if it were to begin in a week or two, it has already been irreparably disfigured, reduced to an embarrassing, shrunken head of an athletic competition....Anything that starts this late is essentially worthless, even more shorn of significant meaning than the forgettable and already forgotten World Cup of Hockey. The TV networks will hype a shortened season and pretend it is not the sham it is, but hey, the CBC is running out of movies.
Cox goes on to say that both Bettman and Goodenow should be axed and I can't say that I disagree with him.
The second clause is that a new CBA would be accompanied by resignation letters from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and union chief Bob Goodenow. As joint custodians of this league and this sport, these two men have failed dramatically. For more than a decade, they've had the chance to work together for the betterment of the game. Now, it's somebody else's turn. Losing these two leaders would be a helpful part of the rebuilding process that will be so very necessary at the conclusion of this already disastrous labour fight.

By any reasonable evaluation, neither is any closer to induction into the Hall of Fame than they were when they started. Neither can be accurately described as "builder.
Cox is a decent writer, even if it is for the Toronto Star, and he has some good points to make. But now it's time for me to put on my Hazmat suit as I click the link to Al Strachan.....


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