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Monday, January 31, 2005

Daly smoking the good stuff

Bill Daly is either high on the best crack the lockout warchest can provide, or he needs an immediate MRI.
"I'm not sure there is any difference of opinion," Daly told the Globe and Mail. "I like to remain hopeful, but if the concepts we discussed with the NHLPA on Thursday night are not something that forms a basis for serious negotiations, I have to admit that I don't have much optimism that there will be hockey this year...I don't want to put odds on the likelihood this can get resolved. We'll just keep working on it and hope we can come to an agreement."
My God, Bill. No difference of opinion? You couldn't get more polarized opinions on the subject of a salary cap if you tried. And if you cannot work out the cap issue, then what's there left to really talk about?

If the salary cap concept can ever be worked out, everything else would most likely fall into place. But if the NHL seriously continues to believe "I'm not sure there is any difference of opinion", then I can understand the players' notion that there remains nothing else to talk about.


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