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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Daly says NHL willing to talk

In case you missed it, Mike Gartner had some thoughts on the CBA 'negotiations' yesterday. Today, Bill Daly responded:
"We have repeatedly expressed to the union that, once we are able to reach agreement on the players' "fair share" of the hockey business, we are fully prepared to discuss and negotiate over all other items of the collective bargaining agreement regarding the manner in which those monies will be fairly and sensibly distributed among the players," Daly told Sportsnet. "If there are particular aspects of our December 14 proposal that are problematic to the players, let's identify them and get back to the bargaining table to talk about them. That's how we approached and responded to the Union's December 9 proposal. That is not how the Union has chosen to deal with any of our proposals to date."

Well, I find it funny that Daly plays it a little dumb here. He should know that the main things that the players' will find problematic are a) the hard salary cap, and b) the linkage between revenues and salaries. Everyone interested in the NHL knows this, unless they've been living under a heap of dung for the last 5 months. So if the NHLPA wants nothing to do with a salary cap or linkage, and the NHL wants to base the new system upon it, there's absolutely no starting point for negotiations, that I can see, in either side's view.


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