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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Crosby on defensive

Sidney Crosby is defending his decision about not playing in the CHL's top prospects game.
"It's easy to say some of that stuff," Crosby told The Canadian Press. "Anyone who knows me, and I don't think that a lot of the people who are making some of those comments know me that well, but the people who know me know I'd be there if I could...It's not an easy decision not to go, but I'm not going to have an injury that's going to last me a while here at that cost. I'll take the heat and try and move on."
He was interviewed earlier today on the Team1040 radio in Vancouver, where he disclosed that he does not have a back injury, but is injured. He explained that he was hurt in the gold medal game in the recent World Junior Championships, but will not disclose the nature of the injury.

Well, if he truly is hurt, then I can't fault him for not playing in what amounts to a completely meaningless game. He has nothing left to prove and his draft stock won't likely diminish.

On the other hand, he may have scored some points for at least showing up and maybe signing some autographs or making himself available for a public appearance.


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