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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Coyotes deny reports

TSN is reporting that the Phoenix Coyotes are denying previous reports that the team is gearing up for an end to the lockout.

Earlier internet reports suggested that the Coyotes coaches had instructed their players to be ready to practice within the next week. But these reports have been quickly denied by the team:
."Coach (Rick) Bowness may have contacted some players from time to time on a social basis," said Phoenix spokesman Richard Nairn. "But at no time did he tell players to be ready to report, and certainly not within the next week. The report is simply not true."

The denial was strongly echoed by Coyotes' general manager Michael Barnett.

"That's completely erroneous," he said. "I have not spoken to any members of our roster in two months. I don't even know where one-third of our roster is. Some of them are spread all over the globe. No one in our management group has contacted our players since November."
Too bad, although I had trouble swallowing the information in the first place. I think that the encouraging news of the day is that the executive committee of the NHLPA was called in to Toronto in light of on-going negotiations between the NHLPA and the NHL. Maybe it's an indication of some sort of a breakthrough.


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