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Monday, December 13, 2004

Proposal Rejected Already?

According to TSN, the NHL has sent a memorandum to the 30 owners outlining their intentions to reject the latest union proposal. This comes as little surprise to many, as the general sentiment was that the union's offer, while sincere and significant, did not come close enough to addressing the long-term viability of the league.

"In sum, we believe the Union's December 9 CBA proposal, while offering necessary and significant short-term financial relief, falls well short of providing the fundamental systemic changes that are required to ensure that overall League economics remain in synch on a going-forward basis," NHL executive vice president is quoted by TSN.

As this was not really a huge surprise, the important thing now is which direction negotiations are taken in from this point on. Can the league offer up a counter-proposal that can maintain the bargaining process or will the offer come as an insult to the players? We will have to wait until tomorrow to see the details of the league's counter offer, however, the likelyhood of it including "cost certainty" are high and thus the propspects of NHL hockey being played this year are looking fairly grim.


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