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Friday, December 17, 2004

Owners United

Ed Snider, the Philadelphia Flyers chairman, dismisses the NHLPA's stance that the 30 owners will eventually divide and confirms that the owners have an unbreaking resolve.

"(The owners) are totally in sync with the league. I have been in this league since 1966, 38 years I've been involved in the league, and I've never seen the owners so solidly together as they are today. They are as solid as a rock...You can say that the owners are stupid, and (NHL Executive Director Bob Goodenow) can say all the crap he wants, but the bottom line is we have a system that doesn't work," Snider told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs echoed those sentiments to the Boston Globe and bolstered fears that the season will never get off the ground. "If I were leaning, I'm leaning more (towards) wait for next year," Jacobs said.

All I can say is, what did the Players' Association expect? The current labour strife does not even remotely resemble the situation back in 1994. It appears to me, based on the growing instances of public insult slinging and obvious signs of irritability from Bob Goodenow and several of the players, that the NHLPA had banked on the League cracking under the pressure by now.

What I take from the last week is that the NHLPA has just experienced a major wake-up call - a slap in the face, no doubt. The players are going to end up with the short end of the deal this time and they are now responding the only way they seem to know how - by airing their grievences through the media. Sorry, Bob, but I think the audience is asleep.


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