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Friday, December 17, 2004

I'd rather have the cars....

So, just for kicks, would you like to hazard a guess at what the combined salaries of the top 25 players in the NHL was last year? Off the top of your head, what sounds right to you? Would you feel fairly confident guessing $125 million? OK, how about a little less conservative…say maybe $160 million….

Well, you'd be right if you actually guessed $208,631,753.

It should be noted that that figure does not reflect the $10,000,000 that Pavel Bure would have received as compensation had he been healthy enough to play.

Just think about that for a moment. Almost a quarter of a billion dollars spent in salary for only twenty-five people. I know I've taken it completely out of context and have applied no rational thought to it, but nonetheless, the number just sounds obscene to me. For anyone that cares, that amount could fetch you roughly 1,048 Lamborghini Gallardos (2004 model) .


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