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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Equal Amounts of Stubbornness

Whatever the owners’ reaction may be to the NHLPA’s latest proposal on Tuesday, one thing is probably certain: the owners will most likely end up looking like the bad guy. It should come as a surprise to no one that they will reject the latest offer (although I’m sure many will be, or at least act as if they are), and really, they HAVE to reject it.

The owners are not engaged in this process to save the season and simply patch the current economic system; they are out to revamp the entire thing, and they have been from the get go. This is no secret, and they have not tried to make it one.

The battle lines have clearly been drawn in the sand by both sides, so why do the owners take all of the heat for standing firm? The players are equally adamant about not accepting any form of a salary cap or linkage between league revenues and player salaries. So why do they not take an equal amount of flack for being just as stubborn?

I, for one, am tired of the endless posturing and back-and-forth bantering about how the other side is being unreasonable or unwilling to negotiate. The fact is, both sides rank high on the silly meter. Depending on what the league’s response is on Tuesday, this fiasco may continue for much longer.

Hopefully, after the league rejects this latest offer (and believe me, they will), both sides can use this proposal as a basis for on-going negotiations instead of retreating into their collective shells. The only thing that would make me more upset about the prospect of no hockey this year is the fact that we may have to endure several more months of pointless campaigning.


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