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Thursday, December 16, 2004

And the posturing continues.....

The NHLPA has conducted a media conference call to inform the hockey world about how unreliable and incorrect the NHL's financial numbers are. I suppose that the Association's formal rebuttal to the NHL's proposal cannot be said to be unexpected. However, can you say PR move?

Obviously the Players' Association will never agree with the numbers provided by the NHL. Adversly, the League will always point to the Levitt Report and insist that the league is in close proximity to a complete financial collapse. We get it.

So why then, does the NHLPA call a press conference to reiterate what has been said ten times over? To top it off, all that will come from this is likely an equally redundant retort from the League.

I wish that both sides would just get over themselves and realize that this routine is starting to get really old and wrinkly.

Instead of the NHLPA whining to the media and feverishly spitting out numbers and financial figures until everyone is blue in the face, why do they not take their concerns up with the NHL behind closed doors? Or better yet, find an independant accounting body (agreed upon by both sides) to conduct a thorough audit.

At least this way, perhaps once and for all the numbers could be agreed upon and maybe then some meaningfull progress could take place. As it stands now, my head is dizzy and my ears are ringing. Someone please stop the rhetoric!


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